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About 7House

7House is a leading business development consultancy that supports organisations wishing to win work in the public sector. A team of 30 senior business development advisors who have honed their skills across the outsourcing verticals. From a bid advisory perspective we can support you win work in one of the following ways :

ITT Sense Check

We will review the final draft submission of the ITT, marking against the criteria; providing a report to show weak responses and most importantly content solutions on how to enrich these weak responses. This is supported post submission by a telecon to explain the rationale for the changes to ensure sustainability for future bids.

Bid Writing

This is often where a client requires support on a one off bid - we support to either project manage in its entirety working with your subject matter experts to final submission or being a part of the team to support in parts of the bid, re its scribing, i.e. non technical / technical content and financial modelling, etc.

Pre-Bid Engagement

In the pre-bid phase we work under the colours of our client alongside the internal team to support in:

  • Obtaining a meeting
  • Being at the meeting to ensure a structure is achieved around the following :
  • - Building a rapport
  • - Understanding their need
  • - Ways to help shape the forthcoming tender specification or requirements

Insourced Bid Management Function

Typically working over a 3+ month timeframe where the client requires a number of bids being undertaken due to increased workload or the organic resource. The two core outputs being to provide a seamless bid writing service (at a senior level) as well as introducing, where required, a sustainable process and structure - in the case of a growing team, this support might come in the form of assisting in the recruitment; supporting in the fast tracking of their knowledge and how to structure and put together a winning public sector bid.

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