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Client Case Study

Streamlining a current opportunity identification process

Legacy Systems & Processes
Legacy tracker subscription costs? £2,100 pa
Receiving alerts from how many portals pre ContractsAdvance, on top of legacy tracker? 78
How much time spent identifying current opportunities 20 – 60 mins daily

The Change

CA: Why were you using your previous systems and processes?

LA: Both the subscription based existing tracker products, and the multiple daily email alerts received from a variety of procurement portals were already in place when I arrived in the role.

What was your greatest frustration?

The time it was taking in tracking multiple current opportunity sources, which could have been better spent on other tasks.

What was preventing you streamlining your existing systems and processes?

In the first instance, lack of time to address the inefficiencies in a considered manner! But without doubt the over-riding factor in our inaction was the fear that if we were to make changes, we might miss relevant contracts – as a Bid Manager, I live in horror of missing a prime opportunity! There was a feeling that, inefficient as it was, at least it seemed to work.

What were the main factors in giving you the confidence to explore a change?

In the first instance, it was the problem solving approach ContractsAdvance adopted from our very first contact –they took the time to understand my current position, and the challenges I was facing. Rather than just trying to sell me a product, they really took the time to get to know how were working, and how the service could better support us. Once I was confident that I was not going to miss an opportunity, I was able to focus on the additional value the service offered. Firstly and most obviously, the advance visibility, then the consultancy with Craig, which made it absolutely clear to the team how best we could take advantage of this qualified data to get a step ahead. I was also fortunate in having the opportunity to attend ContractsAdvance’s Bid Managers Forum, the first opportunity I have had to discuss solutions to key challenges I face within a group whose best practice knowledge is most relevant to my role, my bid manager peers.

How long did the changeover take?

I had been quite prepared to invest a little time initially to reap the mid to long term benefits, and was actually surprised at how easy the process was. Any required responses were immediate, and within my first month, my new systems and processes were in place.

Are you confident you are not missing opportunities?

Absolutely – and we are saving time on a daily basis, which can now be more efficiently spent on the multiple other pressing matters which are always at hand! Working with ContractsAdvance over the timeline of our subscription, we have identified the few portals it remains worth us checking, other than those, my go-to each morning is my alert or the dashboard, which gives me a much greater degree of time-saving functionality than my previous alert systems.

How many alerts do you now receive, excluding ContractsAdvance?


How much time now spent identifying current opportunities

10 mins daily

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