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FAQ's for our service offering

A. There is not a set amount of alerts as it will depend on the number and type of categories chosen – our experience tells us there is typically up to 50-200 per year.
A. Should you require to change your Category settings our Category Manager will be able to support you. Contact our Contracts Advance Manager on 01225 731 430. Should additional categories/ sub categories be added – this is included as part of the subscription.
A. The service is for a 12 month subscription and therefore once payment has been made it will be incurred for that time period.
A. Yes. Our Contracts Advance Manager will be able to assist.
A. Not always. A contract typically does one of three things at their contract end: Renew; Extend or Halt. In all of these cases you can use Contract Advance to establish a relationship should the client be a valued target.
A. The contract name is accurate at the point it was published. Post this point the contract may change but the contact number will, in most cases remain the same.
A. In most cases no. Where we have seen this happen, such as the COI and PASA frameworks moving to the Government Procurement Services (GPS) - we have highlighted this in the Contract Details, Short Description section.
A. Contracts Advance is compatible with all up to date browsers.
A. Not always - we have listed the contract values in the denominations given but it is always worth checking the values/currencies as part of the contract fact-find.
A. Yes – you can have up to 3 user names per subscription using the same password. Should more be required i.e. for another subsidiary within a Group of companies, this would need a further licence(s) to be purchased.
A. No. The alert system is set up to cater for the designated user who has been issued the user name and password.
A. Our contracts come from all verticals within the Public Sector to include: Central Government, Local Councils, NHS, MOD, Education, Transport and the Blue Light services.
A. The contracts are sourced from either 'Tenders Electronic Daily' (TED) for contracts above the OJEU threshold and from other sources for those contracts below the OJEU threshold. TED is a database of European tenders that forms partof the European Commission's 'Official Journal of the European Union' (OJEU) formerly known as OJEC.
Typical values can vary from low £'000's upwards.
A. Our categories have been carefully chosen based on our experience.

We have aligned each Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV) code for the categories and sub-categories we have created. This means you will receive more relevant contracts and alerts for the categories you have chosen.
A. The contracts are sourced from within the UK and Northern Ireland. We will be rolling this out internationally.
A. Any Qualified Provider is the mechanism by which NHS commissioners have extended patient choice in a range of healthcare services.

AQP is not a traditional “winner takes all” approach to tendering. Under the AQP model, a provider is accredited if it can demonstrate the required levels of quality and governance to the Clinical Commissioning Group. Hence multiple providers can be accredited for each service. This expands patient choice which is the main driver for the NHS in rolling out AQP.
A. Initially in 2012/13, Primary Care Trusts had to select 3 services to open up to AQP. These included continence services, podiatry and adult hearing aids. But for 2013/14 the list of services open to AQP is expected to grow considerably and to include anti coagulation, smoking cessation, diabetes education and weight management.
A. Typically an AQP accreditation is for 3 years.
A. No, it’s important to stress that this is an accreditation process, with no fixed volumes, and thus is unlike a conventional tender. A key part of your implementation plan will be to engage with GPs and other referrers to attract patients to your service. This marketing support is part of the AQP Premium Advance Package
A. No, prices are set by the CCG. Hence each organisation must make the commercial decision “Can we provide the required levels of service quality and governance at the prescribed pricing levels” before applying for AQP accreditation

Hints & Tips

Please find below some of the useful tips our clients and the Contracts Advance team have put together to help you navigate the site and use the content more effectively:

  • We have chosen our sub categories based on their logical fit to our chosen core categories as opposed to the where they naturally fit under their CPV codings – this should make selection easier. Even so, we recommend that time is carefully taken to review all categories and sub categories.
  • The details link in your unique members area will take you through to a snapshot of the contract. It will give you a short description; who to contact; value (if known) and a link to the originally published contract for the full contract details.
  • The Archive button houses all contracts that have gone beyond the timeline you have chosen i.e. If you have chosen the 6+ timeline it will archive any contract that has a timeline of 5 months or less.
  • Having clicked the archive button, to return to your current contracts, click 'Your Dashboard' - this will refresh the screen.
  • To add a favourite, simply click on the details section of any contract and click the ‘Add to Favourites’ button - this will automatically house it within your ‘Favourites’ icon button.
  • If you have chosen the Premium Focus+ option – click on the ‘Current’ icon button and it will display all the current tenders for the categories you have chosen
  • Should you not receive your registration/welcome or alert notifications by email please check your Spam box (Junk box) – it might be that your business filters are blocking it. If you then move it to your inbox, you can directly link to the Contracts Advance website.
  • If you click on the url link for TED or Business Link and you land on their holding/ welcome pages – go back to Contracts Advance and press the url again – it should then take you through to the contract information.
  • If you need a quick way to access Contracts Advance why not add it on as a 'Favourite' - to do this click on the link given on your Welcome email. Click on favourites/ bookmarks (depending on your browser). Add to favourites, clicking on Add and Confirm to save.
  • The details section on Contracts Advance is aimed to provide you with ‘at-a-glance’ information of all the business development information you need to start making a decision as to whether the contracts is a worthwhile investment of time and resource and who you need to contact to start stakeholder engagement.

Guide to Blue and Purple Flags:

Above OJEU  (threshold > £113,000)

Below OJEU  (threshold < £113,000)

  • When choosing your categories and sub categories ensure that you tick the specific categories that relate to your service/ product offerings. i.e. If you choose a core category such as Advisory Consultancy Services it will pick up all general contracts with this title and not always pick up the specific sub category headings ie Audit Services. Therefore it is key to review all sub categories relating to your service/ product sets.

We are always looking for new hints and tips – please feel free to send an email to our Contracts Advance Manager ( or call us on 01225 731430 with your suggestions.

Latest News & Advice

Our business development team have written several excellent and educational articles, these can be viewed on the 7House website, click here to find out more

Please find below some of the useful tips we have learned as a business development team over the last 30 years when supporting our clients in public sector bidding:

If you a bidding for two or more contracts - consider some key factors in your filtering and decision making:

  • How well known are you to the organisation?
  • Is it a framework or sole supply (i.e. have you a greater chance of success)?
  • Do you understand strategically how the business operates?
  • What's your evaluation criteria?
  • Are you able to deliver the requirement post contract award?

If you are finding client stakeholder engagement tricky because the client won't engage or it is difficult to get past procurement.

You must understand the client's strategy and the relevance of your line of work
to meet their up-and-coming requirement through the bid process. Once done, research the client's contract senior decision makers and approach them directly. Where relevant, this should be done using a cost benefit analysis of what you are offering and how it could enhance their current environment. All this is only possible if you have allowed yourself enough time pre-bid.

Have you considered the following before writing a bid?

  • Assign an internal team (content ownership and project management)
  • A win theme that is continuous in both the PQQ and ITT
  • Either an external or internal team that independently evaluates the bid and is separate from the above team
  • If the tender is a renewal process and you are trying to understand how your competitors fared in the last bidding process - there are couple of ways to find out this information to ensure you are one step ahead - call us below to find out more...

For further business development advice please call our Contracts Advance Manager on 01225 731430.

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